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This Week in Tech News: 13 Stories You Need to See
Saturday, November 25, 2023

A roundup of the week's most newsworthy technology industry press releases from PR Newswire, including AI applications in design, semiconductors, and the food supply chain.

NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- With thousands of press releases published each week, it can be difficult to keep up with everything on PR Newswire. To help journalists covering the business technology industry stay on top of the week's most newsworthy and popular releases, here's a roundup of stories from the week that shouldn't be missed.

The list below includes the headline (with a link to the full text) and an excerpt from each story. Click on the press release headlines to access accompanying multimedia assets that are available for download.

    1. Introducing Autodesk AI for Design and MakeWhether in constructing new
       buildings and highways, manufacturing products and smart devices, or
       creating compelling media and entertainment, Autodesk AI is helping
       customers meet the moment - not just by increasing productivity, but by
       giving them the tools to be more ambitious and creative.

    2. Whirlpool Corporation Unveils Revolutionary Slimtech(TM) Insulation
       Technology - The Latest in a History of InnovationThis technology
       represents a significant step forward in refrigeration technology, which
       has long relied on bulky polyurethane foam for insulation. By using a
       proprietary material that is vacuum-sealed within the door or sides of
       the refrigerator itself, SlimTech(TM) insulation can reduce the wall
       thickness by up to 66% - allowing for up to 25% more capacity inside the

    3. Norton Declares November 26 "Cyber Safety Sunday," Advocating for Safe,
       Scam-Free Online Holiday ShoppingWith one in four consumers reporting
       being targeted by scammers last holiday season, Cyber Safety Sunday
       reminds shoppers to prioritize their online safety and implement security
       measures to protect their personal and financial information.

    4. DocuSign Launches WhatsApp Integration to Accelerate Business Around the
       GlobeThe latest expansion in allowing customers to seamlessly reach
       signers through their preferred communication platforms, the DocuSign
       eSignature integration of WhatsApp sends users real-time notifications
       that link directly to agreements and enable quick, secure signing.

    5. OtterBox Launches Defender Series XT Division 2 for Use in Hazardous
       LocationsDefender Series XT Division 2 cases for iPhone are engineered
       for demanding, industrial-grade use and are ideal for use in industries
       such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, aviation and
       designated class facilities where chemicals, dust and heavy machinery are

    6. Organizations Are Unprepared for the Massive Energy Requirements and Data
       Demands of AI, New Pure Storage Survey RevealsThis limitation poses a
       challenge to the successful implementation of AI to support critical
       corporate initiatives, including those aimed at achieving environmental
       goals. Nearly all IT buyers feel pressure to reduce their carbon
       footprint. In fact, most agree that meeting IT goals is impossible
       without properly preparing IT infrastructure to support AI.

    7. Match Group Announces "Are You Sure?" To Expand To Millions Of Users
       Across Match, Stir, OurTime & MoreAYS? serves as an anti-harassment
       feature that asks users to think twice before sending a message,
       providing a warning in real-time to users about their opening line. The
       feature uses automated tools to detect potentially harmful language and
       proactively intervenes to warn the sender that their message may be
       offensive, asking them to review and consider editing it before hitting

    8. Synopsys Announces Copilot, Breakthrough GenAI Capability to
       Accelerate Chip Copilot works alongside designers in
       the Synopsys tools they use every day, enabling conversational
       intelligence, in natural language, across the design team. It's designed
       to learn new skills and grow with teams' needs, making it easier for
       chipmakers to boost productivity and achieve design targets across all
       stages of chip design.

    9. GrubMarket Launches Pioneering AI Product to Bring AI Solutions to the
       Food Supply Chain IndustryFarm-GPT harnesses the power of advanced AI and
       leverages the latest available pricing data from both the USDA and
       proprietary sources to assist farmers in making informed decisions about
       which commodities to cultivate based on market demand and revenue

    10. A majority of Americans are optimistic that AI will improve healthcare
        in 2024Some of the highest levels of optimism for AI in healthcare are
        around diagnoses and improving healthcare access. In fact, roughly six
        in ten adults (61%) agree one of the main benefits of using AI in
        healthcare is to diagnose and detect health conditions.

    11. Dell Technologies and Hugging Face to Simplify Generative AI with
        On-Premises ITThe companies will create a new Dell portal on the Hugging
        Face platform to offer simplified on-premises deployment of customized
        large language models (LLM) on the industry's top selling infrastructure
        technology portfolio.

    12. OrCam Technologies Unveils OrCam Read 3 - First AI-Driven All-In-One
        Solution for People with Low Vision and Visual ImpairmentsOrCam Read 3
        will change the way individuals with vision loss and reading
        difficulties interact with visual materials. Just point the device at a
        book, computer screen, product packaging or any text, and the AI
        technology will loudly and clearly read the text aloud or through
        earphones. It even supports 17 different languages.

    13. OpenText Cybersecurity 2023 Global Ransomware Survey: Companies Still
        Don't Believe They are Targets for Ransomware AttacksFindings show a
        similarity in how small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) and
        enterprises (more than 1,000 employees) think about ransomware attacks,
        including a disconnect about who is a target and growing concern about
        the use of artificial intelligence (AI) by threat actors.

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