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Giftapart Inc. Offers Giveaways Valued at $1,000 and $100 to 11 Lucky Winners Who Follow Its Social Media Platforms
Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Giftapart launching in summer 2018 promises to 'change the world' with revolutionary e-commerce

Giftapart Inc. Offers Giveaways Valued at $1,000 and $100 to 11 Lucky Winners Who Follow Its Social Media Platforms

Giftapart launching in summer 2018 promises to 'change the world' with revolutionary e-commerce

SOMERVILLE, N.J., May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pedroso Ventures Inc., the tech startup in Somerville, New Jersey, that had its ribbon-cutting in September 2017 has changed its corporate name to Giftapart Inc., and now announces a giveaway for 11 people to win up to $1,000 shopping credits.

Developing an internet e-commerce software platform that its CEO and founder Filipe Pedroso says will "change the world," the project has been under heavy secrecy since its commencement. Pedroso says the public launch date is anticipated for late summer 2018 using the company's current name and brand of Giftapart.

To celebrate the birth of its business name, Giftapart has launched a website and several social media sites. "We're excited to announce a giveaway to one lucky winner of $1,000 shopping credit and 10 others who will receive $100 credit to Giftapart on launch date, just for following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter."

Giftapart can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media services under its business name. "People can easily find us on any of these social media platforms by searching Giftapart. We're the only company named Giftapart. Our name is as unique as the innovative and revolutionary e-commerce methods we're creating and launching this summer."

The company has been developing a completely new internet shopping experience. "We have filed provisional patents incorporating about a dozen revolutionary new ways of engaging in e-commerce. We believe that some of our methods will change the world's culture forever, and how everyone does a certain type of shopping."

Pedroso states that Giftapart will provide customers will all types of products. "We intend on providing most items, if not all, consumers want and need as soon as possible," said Pedroso. "The company is in process of establishing business relationships with top retailers that sell and ship goods within the United States. We will only sell products that are sold by established, ethical retailers. Consumers can be assured that they will only get authentic products from the brands they trust and the stores they know.

"The retailers that have had the opportunity to see what we're doing are very excited and really love the unique retailer toolbox we provide them," commented Pedroso. "The way that retailers can connect with their loyal customers is uniquely special and efficient at Giftapart. Retailers are loving that. And interested, loyal consumers will equally appreciate that level of connection with their favorite retailers.

"We wanted to reward our initial Giftapart fans so we created this giveaway," said Pedroso. According to the giveaway rules, anyone can participate by following Giftapart on its social media sites and being in current follower status on the launch date. "We'll select the 11 winners on launch day and reach out to them the same day. We want them to start using and shopping on Giftapart right away!"

Although the rules of the giveaway limit entry to adults, Pedroso says they'll do whatever they can to accommodate everyone. "We understand that some minors may not know or read the rules fully, therefore still follow our pages with the impression that they've qualified. If possible, we'll make an effort to get their parental consent to still award them their giveaway. Our company's philosophy is to always do the right thing, even if it means taking the extra mile. We'll always take care of our customers first."

In fact, since almost the start of the project, Pedroso has had the words "CUSTOMER #1" on the whiteboard in the company's conference room. Kevyn Jaremko, director of front-end software development, has been with the company since its first line of code and said, "I guess as developers we were thinking about ways to make the platform more profitable, but Filipe [Pedroso] would remind us and always say, 'We're focused on creating an awesome platform for the customers' use and satisfaction.' He would always say 'the customer is number one,' so after saying it a couple times, he wrote it in all caps on the whiteboard. It's still there, he never erased it."

"Oh yeah, Filipe [Pedroso] is obsessed with the customer," added Deepak Kumar, also with the company since the onset and leads the back-end software development. Kumar further stated, "There's no doubt that Filipe [Pedroso] has kept his focus. He has demanded that we leave no detail undone. Every detail of the project is revolved around what the customer will enjoy, need and want. But you know what, I guess that's what it takes. We're all so excited to get the platform in people's hands so they can start enjoying all the great features. This project was not built for ease of development. It was built for ease of use."

Priya Balakrishnan, front-end coder at the company, said, "The goal is to give the users a fun and exciting shopping experience and to that effect, we are working towards a design that is aesthetically pleasing while being simple and seamless to use. We want to bring the fun of retail shopping to the online experience."

Giftapart is developing its platform to be released in desktop and mobile form. "Creating a truly all-encompassing platform has been the goal, and that, of course, would include allowing people to use it in all form factors. So whether you want to use Giftapart on your desktop, notebook, tablet, Android or iPhone, we got you covered. You're going to love shopping and doing so much more on Giftapart," said Pedroso.

Heading the mobile development team is Robert Dudas Jr. and he says, "We have been able to pack a tremendous amount of functionality into a simple-to-use user interface on the mobile phone. Filipe [Pedroso] has insisted that the user experience be similar across all platforms, and we have been able to maintain enough uniformity that once you know how to use the desktop version, going to the mobile app will be a breeze and vice versa. I'm very pleased with the successes we've had."

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Company webpage:

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For additional information contact:

Liana V. Pedroso
Chief Administrative Officer
Director, Corporate Communications & Public Relations
Giftapart Inc.
892 US 22, 2nd Floor
Somerville, NJ 08876
(551) 202-8008 Ext. 4077

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