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Audio Visual Solutions Company, IVCi, Discusses 5 AV and Collaboration Trends for 2019
Friday, December 07, 2018

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of their commitment to keeping companies up to date with the latest advancements for business efficiency, audio visual solutions company, IVCi, discusses 5 AV and collaboration trends for 2019.

With a new year right around the corner comes new advancements in the technology field. Businesses that take advantage of these new advances can have the ability to increase the productivity of their teams while improving the way that they interact with clients and customers.

Listed below are 5 major AV and collaboration trends to keep an eye out for in 2019.

Accessible Technology In The "Huddle Space." When most people think of meetings, they think of a large boardrooms with gatherings scheduled weeks or months in advance. Huddle rooms represent an alternative to more traditional meeting areas, and they are made highly effective by creative use of technology.

In 2019, advances in tech will make outfitting huddle spaces more affordable than ever before. With cloud video conferencing becoming more commonplace, companies can bring the convenience of a face-to-face meetings into nearly any room - all supported by advanced wireless connectivity that makes getting online a breeze.

Outfitting a huddle room is made even more accessible with the increasing prevalence of solutions like integrated cameras and sound bars that make the most of limited space, without breaking the bank.

Smart Spaces. The advent of smart technology has been great for adding in more convenience around the home, but services like Amazon Alexa are great tools for collaboration in a business environment as well.

One trend that companies will continue to see moving forward is "smart" spaces that allow employees to work together within an intelligent ecosystem that enhances productivity and efficiency. Using the artificial intelligence that these smart devices have to offer can automate simple tasks and streamline the business's workflow.

Technology will soon extend beyond a simple tool, instead becoming an integral part of the work environment itself.

Augmented Reality. While the technology is still not widely adopted, augmented reality will continue to become more and more prevalent in the AV and collaboration industry come 2019. In addition to some utilitarian applications like using Transparent AR to show content or demonstrate a product to an audience, more traditional augmented reality on a dedicated device or mobile phone can increase engagement through gamification.

AR gives businesses the ability to change how people perceive the world around them. Rather than the idea of a computer being a singular device, users will interact with technology through a multichannel and multimodal experience in the environment itself. In short, the future of computing is in the spaces around us rather than a specific piece of equipment.

Augmented Reality that is cleverly implemented can turn a boring and stuffy meeting into something fun, unique, and memorable.

Migration To The Cloud. "The Cloud" has been a major buzzword in the business community in recent years - and for a good reason. By offloading data storage and collaboration from a physical server to the cloud, companies gain flexibility, security, and increased efficiency. Employees will be able to collaborate seamlessly and from wherever they happen to be, with flexible storage space - expanding or shrinking dynamically based on the company's needs.

But migration to the cloud is not without its challenges. Services like cloud video conferencing and the ability for employees to bring their own devices are convenient and enhance productivity, but transferring these technologies necessitates defined security policies that meet company standards.

When effectively utilized, however, the cloud is a more effective and convenient way of doing business, and it will continue to be an incredibly financially-savvy solution for data management in the future.


Since 1995, IVCi AV managed services has provided collaborative technology platforms by integrating innovative Audio Visual, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Voice, and Cloud services to thousands of companies. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their business and their bottom line by designing, building, and supporting physical and virtual collaborative meeting rooms across the United States and the world.

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