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Novel Cell Sorting and Separation Markets, 2030
Friday, October 11, 2019

DUBLIN, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Novel Cell Sorting and Separation Market: Focus on Acoustophoresis, Buoyancy, Dielectrophoresis, Magnetophoretics, Microfluidics, Optoelectronics, Traceless Affinity and Other Technologies, 2019-2030" report has been added to's offering.

The Novel Cell Sorting and Separation Market: Focus on Acoustophoresis, Buoyancy, Dielectrophoresis, Magnetophoretics, Microfluidics, Optoelectronics, Traceless Affinity, and Other Technologies, 2019-2030' report features an extensive study of the current landscape and future outlook of the growing market for novel cell sorting and separation technologies (beyond conventional methods). The study presents detailed analyses of cell sorters, cell isolation kits, and affiliated consumables and reagents, that are based on the aforementioned technologies.

Advances in the fields of cell biology and regenerative medicine have led to the development of various cell-based therapies, which, developers claim, possess the potential to treat a variety of clinical conditions. In 2018, it was reported that there were more than 1,000 clinical trials of such therapies, being conducted across the globe by over 900 industry players.

Moreover, the total investment in the aforementioned clinical research efforts was estimated to be around USD 13 billion. Given the recent breakthroughs in clinical testing and the discovery of a variety of diagnostic biomarkers, the isolation of one or multiple cell types from a heterogenous population has not only become simpler but also an integral part of modern clinical R&D. The applications of cell separation technologies are vast, starting from basic research to biological therapy development and manufacturing.

However, conventional cell sorting techniques, including adherence-based sorting, membrane filtration-based sorting, and fluorescence- and magnetic-based sorting, are limited by exorbitant operational costs, time-consuming procedures, and the need for complex biochemical labels. As a result, the use of such techniques has, so far, been restricted in the more niche and emerging application areas.

Amongst other elements, the report features:

    --  A detailed assessment of the current market landscape, featuring a
        comprehensive list of over 220 innovative cell sorters, cell isolation
        kits, and affiliated consumables and reagents, along with information on
        their respective specifications (such as size, weight, cell flow rate,
        cell sort rate, cell analysis rate, cell purity and viability, process
        time, and operating temperature and pressure), cell sorting technology
        (acoustophoresis, buoyancy-activated, dielectrophoresis, magnetic
        levitation, microfluidics, optoelectronics, photoacoustics, traceless
        affinity, and others), type of cell (animal cells, cancer cells, immune
        cells, microbial cells, red blood cells / platelets, stem cells, and
        others), cell separation approach (positive selection, negative
        selection and depletion), basis for separation (cell morphology and
        physiology, cell size and density, surface biomarkers, surface charge
        and adhesion, and others), and end-use / application (research studies,
        biomedical diagnostics, biological therapy-related process operations,
        and cell-based therapeutics).
    --  An insightful company competitiveness analysis, taking into
        consideration the supplier power (based on size of employee base and
        experience in this segment of the industry) and portfolio-related
        parameters, such as number of products offered, number of target cells,
        end use(s) / application(s), and key product specification(s).
    --  Comprehensive profiles of key industry players (shortlisted on the basis
        of company competitiveness analysis scores) that are currently offering
        novel cell sorters/consumables and cell isolation kits, featuring an
        overview of the company, its financial information (if available), and a
        detailed description of its proprietary product(s). Each profile also
        includes a list of recent developments, highlighting the key
        achievements, partnership activity, and the likely strategies that may
        be adopted by these players to fuel growth in the foreseen future.
    --  An in-depth analysis of the patents that have been filed/granted related
        to novel cell sorting and separation technologies, since 2014. It
        highlights the key trends associated with these patents, across patent
        type, regional applicability, CPC classification, emerging focus areas,
        leading industry players (in terms of number of patents filed/granted),
        and current intellectual property-related benchmarks and valuation.
    --  Detailed publication analysis of more than 200 peer-reviewed, scientific
        articles that have been published since 2014, highlighting the research
        focus within the industry. It also highlights the key trends observed
        across the publications, including information on innovative
        technologies, potential application areas, target disease indications,
        type of cell, and analysis based on various relevant parameters, such as
        year of publication, and most popular journals (in terms of number of
        articles published in the given time period) within this domain.
    --  An analysis of the partnerships that have been established in the
        domain, in the period 2014-Q1 2019, covering R&D collaborations,
        licensing agreements, distribution agreements, mergers/acquisitions,
        asset purchase agreements, product development agreements, product
        utilization agreements, and other relevant deals.
    --  An analysis of the investments made at various stages of development,
        such as seed financing, venture capital financing, debt financing,
        grants/awards, capital raised from IPOs and subsequent offerings, by
        companies that are engaged in this field.
    --  An analysis to estimate the likely demand for novel cell sorting
        products and solutions across key application areas, including research
        studies, clinical diagnostics, cell-based therapeutics, and other
        applications, in different global regions for the period 2019-2030.

Companies Mentioned

    --  1087systems
    --  48Hour Discovery
    --  5AM Ventures
    --  Abbott
    --  AbbVie
    --  Academia Sinica
    --  Academic Medical Centre
    --  Academy of Military Medical Sciences
    --  Accelerate Diagnostics
    --  ACEA Biosciences
    --  AcouSort
    --  Active Biotech
    --  Adaptive Biotechnologies
    --  Adelaide Research & Innovation
    --  AdnaGen
    --  ADS BIOTEC
    --  Advanced Virus Detection Technologies Interest Group
    --  Aegea Biotechnologies
    --  Aenitis Technologies
    --  Agency for Science, Technology and Research
    --  Agilent Technologies
    --  AIM Group International
    --  AIMM Therapeutics
    --  Akadeum Life Sciences
    --  Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    --  Alder BioPharmaceuticalss
    --  Alexion Pharmaceuticals
    --  Alkem Laboratories
    --  Amazentis
    --  Ambergen
    --  American Institute of Health
    --  Amgen
    --  AnaptysBio
    --  Ancera
    --  Angel HQ
    --  Angel Round Capital Fund
    --  ANGLE
    --  Ann & Robert H Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
    --  ANSYS
    --  Anzu Partners
    --  ApoCell
    --  Argonaut Manufacturing Services
    --  arivis
    --  Artiman Ventures
    --  Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies
    --  Ascus Biosciences
    --  Astellas Pharma
    --  Augusta University
    --  Aurora Life Technologies
    --  AVIVA Biosciences
    --  Barts Cancer Institute
    --  Base4 Innovation
    --  Bay City Capital
    --  Bayer
    --  BC Cancer Agency
    --  Beckman Coulter
    --  Becton Dickinson
    --  Beijing Genomics Institute
    --  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    --  Betta Pharmaceuticals
    --  BGI Group
    --  Biocept
    --  Bioceptive
    --  BioCrine
    --  BioFluidica
    --  BioInfleXion Point Partners
    --  BIOK
    --  Biolidics
    --  BioMEMS Resource Center
    --  BioMimetic Therapeutics
    --  Bio-Rad Laboratories
    --  BIOSS
    --  Bio-Techne
    --  BioTheranostics
    --  BioView
    --  Boehringer Ingelheim
    --  Boyalife Group
    --  Bpifrance
    --  Brigham and Women's Hospital
    --  Bristol-Myers Squibb
    --  Broad Institute
    --  Bucher Biotec
    --  C4 Therapeutics
    --  California Institute of Technology
    --  California NanoSystems Institute
    --  Caltag Medsystems
    --  Cambridge Consultants
    --  Cambridge Enterprise
    --  Canary Center at Stanford
    --  Cancer Genetics
    --  Cancer Institute of Greenville Health System
    --  Cancer Metastasis Laboratory, University of Basel
    --  Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute
    --  CANCER-ID
    --  Canon US Life Sciences
    --  Capio Biosciences
    --  Caris Life Sciences
    --  Carnegie Mellon University
    --  Case Western Reserve University
    --  Catalyst Biosciences
    --  Celgene
    --  Cell Microsystems
    --  Cell Signaling Technology
    --  Cell.Copedia
    --  Cellaviva
    --  CellectCell
    --  Cellenion
    --  Cellix
    --  CellMax Life
    --  Celsee
    --  Center for Advanced Medical Products
    --  Centre Lon Brard
    --  Cephalon
    --  Cesca Therapeutics
    --  CFD Research
    --  Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
    --  ChemoCentryx
    --  Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
    --  Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    --  Cipla
    --  Clinomics
    --  Columbia University
    --  Cornell University
    --  Corning
    --  Creative BioArray
    --  Creative Diagnostics
    --  CREST
    --  CRV International
    --  CureGene
    --  Cytonome
    --  CytoVale
    --  Cytovance Biologics
    --  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
    --  Danaher
    --  DAON BioSciences
    --  Decheng Capital
    --  Department of Biomedical Engineering, Lund University
    --  Detroit Innovate
    --  DiaSorin
    --  Diffusion Capital Partners
    --  Draper Laboratory
    --  Duke University
    --  eFFECTOR Therapeutics
    --  Eisai
    --  EKF Diagnostics
    --  eLab Ventures
    --  Eli Lilly
    --  EMV Capital
    --  Engender Technologies
    --  Enlivex Therapeutics
    --  Enterprise Angels
    --  Epic Sciences
    --  Evercyte
    --  EXONBio
    --  Fiona Stanley Hospital
    --  Five3 Genomics
    --  FloDesign Sonics
    --  Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute
    --  Fluidigm
    --  France Innovation Scientifique et Transfert
    --  French National Center for Scientific Research
    --  Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
    --  FusionX Ventures
    --  GE Healthcare
    --  GenapSys
    --  Genentech
    --  General Automation Lab Technologies
    --  Genewiz
    --  Genial Laboratory Automation
    --  Genoa Ventures
    --  Georgetown University
    --  Georgia Tech Research Institute
    --  Gilead Sciences
    --  GILUPI
    --  Glass Capital Management
    --  GlaxoSmithKline
    --  Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
    --  GOM
    --  Grace Bio-Labs
    --  Greenwoods Asset Management
    --  GRI Bio
    --  Guangxi Academy of Sciences
    --  Hahn-Schickard
    --  Halcyon Biomedical
    --  Halozyme Therapeutics
    --  Harvard Stem Cell Institute
    --  Harvard University
    --  Horizon Discovery
    --  Hubei Cancer Clinical Study Center
    --  Humacyte
    --  Humanitas Research Hospital
    --  Hunan Agen Medicine Laboratory Technology
    --  IBA Lifesciences
    --  Icahn School of Medicine
    --  ICE Angels
    --  iCellate
    --  ICREA
    --  Ignyta
    --  Illumina Ventures
    --  IMEC
    --  immatics biotechnologies
    --  Immunomedics
    --  ImmunoQure
    --  Inabata
    --  Inbiomotion
    --  IncellDx
    --  IncoCell Tianjin
    --  Incyte
    --  Inguran
    --  Innate Pharma
    --  Innovate UK
    --  Innovative Biochips
    --  Innovative Micro Technology
    --  Inova
    --  Institute of Cancer Research, London
    --  Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
    --  Instrumentation Laboratory
    --  Intrinsic LifeSciences
    --  Invention Science Fund
    --  Invest Michigan
    --  Invetech
    --  iPS Portal
    --  Janssen Biotech
    --  Japan Science and Technology Agency
    --  Jiulongpo District People's Hospital
    --  Jiva Sciences
    --  John Hopkins University
    --  John Wayne Cancer Institute
    --  Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
    --  Karolinska Institute
    --  Kataoka
    --  Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
    --  Keswick Ventures
    --  Kiyatec
    --  Koek Biotechnology
    --  Kymab
    --  LabCorp
    --  Landos Biopharma
    --  Lawson Health Research Institute
    --  Leica Biosystems
    --  LevitasBio
    --  LG Electronics
    --  LIDE Biotech
    --  Life Technologies
    --  Livzon Pharmaceuticals
    --  London Business Angels
    --  LPATH
    --  LumaCyte
    --  Luminex
    --  LungLifeAI
    --  Lupin
    --  Mackay Memorial Hospital
    --  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    --  Mayo Clinic Foundation
    --  MD Anderson Cancer Center
    --  MDxK
    --  Medigen Biotech
    --  MeMed Diagnostics
    --  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    --  Menarini Silicon Biosystems
    --  Merck
    --  Metabiota
    --  Microbix Biosystems
    --  MicroMedicine
    --  Middle East Technical University
    --  Mikro Biyosistemler
    --  Mikro Systems
    --  Millennium Pharmaceuticals
    --  MilliporeSigma
    --  Miltenyi Biotec
    --  Morehouse School of Medicine
    --  Morphotek
    --  Mumbai Angels
    --  Namocell
    --  NanoCellect Biomedical
    --  Nanosphere
    --  NanoTag Biotechnologies
    --  National Cancer Centre Singapore
    --  National Cancer Institute
    --  National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
    --  National Center for Nanoscience and Technology
    --  National Institute for Health Research
    --  National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals
    --  National Institute of Drug Abuse
    --  National Institute of General Medical Sciences
    --  National Institutes of Health
    --  National University Hospital
    --  National University of Ireland Galway's Regenerative Medicine Institute
    --  National University of Singapore
    --  Naval Research Laboratory
    --  Nektar Therapeutics
    --  NeoDiagnostix
    --  NeuroVision Pharma
    --  New York Upstate Cord Blood Bank
    --  New Zealand Venture Investment Fund
    --  Newable Private Investing
    --  NextGem
    --  Nodality
    --  Northeastern University
    --  Northwestern University
    --  Novartis
    --  Novo Nordisk
    --  Ohio State Innovation Foundation
    --  On-chip Biotechnologies
    --  Oregon Health & Science University
    --  Organovo
    --  Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
    --  Orthohealing Center Management
    --  Osaka University Venture Capital
    --  Owl biomedical
    --  OYAK
    --  Pacific Biosciences
    --  Pacific Channel
    --  Packers Sanitation Services
    --  Parkwalk Advisors
    --  Partec
    --  Penn State Research Foundation
    --  PerkinElmer
    --  Pfizer
    --  Pharmaxis
    --  Philips
    --  Phywe
    --  pluriSelect Life Science
    --  Purdue Research Foundation
    --  Qiagen
    --  Quad Technologies
    --  Qventures
    --  R&D Systems
    --  RareCyte
    --  Real Tech Fund
    --  Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
    --  Regionalt Cancercentrum Stockholm-Gotland
    --  RIKEN Bioresource Research Center
    --  Riverside's Highlander Venture Fund
    --  Roche
    --  Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
    --  Rowan University
    --  Rush University Medical Center
    --  Samsung Medical Center
    --  Sandoz
    --  Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
    --  Scholar Rock
    --  ScreenCell
    --  Seoulin Bioscience
    --  Sequenom
    --  Sequenta
    --  Seventure Partners
    --  Severance Hospital
    --  Shilps Sciences
    --  Shriners Hospitals for Children
    --  Singapore General Hospital
    --  Singapore Immunology Network
    --  Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
    --  Singh Molecular Medicine
    --  Singular BIO
    --  Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
    --  Siwa Therapeutics
    --  Skne University Hospital
    --  Sloan Kettering Institute
    --  Sony Biotechnology
    --  Southampton General Hospital
    --  Sphere Fluidics
    --  SpheriTech
    --  SRI International
    --  Stand Up To Cancer
    --  Stanford University
    --  Stanford Women's Cancer Center
    --  StemBioSys
    --  Stempeutics Research
    --  Stony Brook University
    --  Streck
    --  Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma
    --  Sutter Health
    --  Syllogistech
    --  SynGen Biotech
    --  Syno Capital
    --  Sysmex
    --  Takeda Pharmaceutical
    --  Tan Tock Seng Hospital
    --  Targeted Technology Fund
    --  Technical University of Denmark
    --  Telegraph Hill Partners
    --  Texas Stem Cell
    --  The Fourth People's Hospital of Chongqing
    --  Theranosis Life Sciences
    --  Thermo Fisher Scientific
    --  ThermoGenesis
    --  ThinkCyte
    --  Tisch Cancer Institute
    --  Tokai Pharmaceuticals
    --  TOMY Digital Biology
    --  TorpedoDx
    --  Tracon Pharmaceuticals
    --  Trinity College Dublin
    --  TumorGenesis
    --  Twist Bioscience
    --  Tyme
    --  UCB Biopharma
    --  UCLA Medical Center
    --  Union Biometrica
    --  United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases
    --  United States Environmental Protection Agency
    --  University of British Columbia
    --  University of California
    --  University of Chicago
    --  University of Edinburgh
    --  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    --  University of Iowa Research Foundation
    --  University of Kansas
    --  University of Maryland
    --  University of Miami
    --  University of Michigan
    --  University of Missouri
    --  University of North Carolina
    --  University of Notre Dame
    --  University of Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital
    --  University of Pennsylvania
    --  University of Southern California Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
    --  University of Texas
    --  University of Utah
    --  University of Virginia School of Medicine
    --  Uppsala University
    --  US Department of Veterans Affairs
    --  Vancouver Prostate Centre
    --  Vanderbilt University
    --  Vegenics
    --  VentureSouth
    --  Vertical Venture Partners
    --  Vortex Biosciences
    --  VWR
    --  Wako Pure Chemical Industries
    --  Washington University
    --  Wego Medical Systems
    --  Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
    --  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    --  Wright State University
    --  Xcell Biosciences
    --  Yale University
    --  Zeiss
    --  Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University
    --  Zomedica Pharmaceuticals
    --  Zurich Instruments
    --  ZymoGenetics

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