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ADARA announces Initial Beta results of Mobile SD WAN Platform for IoT and Personal Clouds
Thursday, December 12, 2019

ADARA's Mobile SD WAN Platform establishes new high for performance in Mobile SD WAN

SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ADARA, Inc., an SDN and Cloud Networking company, today announced Initial Beta results of Mobile SD WAN Platform for IoT and Personal Clouds.

ADARA's Mobile SD WAN Platform achieved a performance improvement of 2,373% on a current Android Platform, with a 2,350% increase in data transferred in the same time.

The SD WAN for Mobility is made to operate on both the Android and Apple iOS platforms. The SD WAN for Mobility APK has already passed the Amazon Appstore testing for Android apps which checks for compatibility for Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet, and Amazon Appstore for mobile devices; there are nearly 500,000 apps on Amazons Appstore. The SD WAN for Mobility is made for all Mobile and Connected Devices and IoT; the number of connected devices that are in use worldwide now exceeds 17 billion, with the number of IoT devices at 7 billion (does not include smartphones, tablets, laptops) with a projected 20.4 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be deployed by 2020.

ADARA's Mobile SD WAN Platform achieved a performance improvement of 2,373% on a current Android Platform; with ADARA increasing throughput from 32.4 Mbps without ADARA to 769 Mbps with ADARA.

The initial results were obtained using a current Android version: 8.1.0, on a 4G Android Device with an Interface speed of 1,000 Mbps (1Gbps). When factoring in both encryption and encapsulation ADARA achieved 90% Bandwidth Utilization in addition to a Performance Increase of over 2,000%. These initial results show that this is not the upper limit of ADARA Performance Improvement capabilities. The 1,000 Mbps (1Gbps) Interface Speed is the limit of the 4G device. These results confirm that ADARA will be able to both increase the performance of 5G above what is natively possible for 5G, and fully utilize 5G bandwidth of 10Gbps.

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility accelerates all of the estimated 3.5 Million Android Apps and estimated 2.5 Million Apple Apps. The ADARA App is a specialized version of ADARA's Cloud SD WAN now available on AWS Marketplace, the first Intent-Based Real-Time Performance SD WAN platform; it improves Network Performance 10 to 1,000 times over common SDN, SD WAN and legacy networking and is available through AWS to the 200,000 buyers using AWS Marketplace every day.

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility improvement in performance is independent of, and in addition to, performance increases from new Cellular Radio and wireless architectures such as fifth generation wireless (5G).

In addition to the Amazon Appstore, the ADARA SD WAN for Mobility will eventually be made available through the manufacturers' Android Apps stores such as Google Play, as well as third party Android App stores, and it is expected to be made available through the Apple iTunes App store.

Latency is the Universal Problem in Networking for Clouds, WAN and LANs, and it is the #1 reason for poor performance and lost transactions. ADARA measures performance and programs the network to guarantee performance and deliver SLAs. ADARA Performance-Based Cloud Software is the End of Latency.

ADARA SD WAN eliminates latency. No other SD WAN, SDN or Legacy Networking product solves the universal problem of latency as does ADARA. Industry data from multiple sources state that just one (1) second of latency will cause an average business with a mix of brick and mortar and e-commerce sales to incur $2.5 million in lost sales every year. This illustrates the consequence of common SD WAN, SDN and Legacy Networking products failure to solve the issue of latency.

The ADARA SD WAN for Mobility enables performance for users from wherever in the world they are. This performance is especially important for remote and mobile employees and for personal use in cars, in planes and on ships. Game and App distribution, gaming and multimedia distribution are expected to be major beneficiaries of the platform as well as Mobile access to Clouds, as well as myriad IoT uses including connected thermostats, cars, electronic appliances, sensor security and power systems in household and commercial environments.

ADARA's vision, articulated in this platform, is addressing the performance requirements of 20+ billion connected devices and the constraints that cannot be met by existing legacy and SDN vendors. As the number of connected devices has increased by a million times, performance must increase by 1,000 times or more. ADARA is the only company to achieve such performance improvements.


ADARA, Inc. is a premier provider of SDN and Cloud Networking products. ADARA's work in Intent-Based Networking includes contributions to the ONOS Service Provider Intent framework, with advanced elements such as Performance-Based Path Computation Engines and Intent-Based Packet Optical Management. ADARA's AI Learning Algorithms monitor hundreds of attributes in real-time in Networks, Physical and Virtual Hosts and Services; it is the most advanced Intent Based Production SD WAN in the industry. ADARA bundles a rich analytics package and IPSec VPN with SDN Controllers and a Cloud Management Platform and other VNFs, and they complement and connect ADARA's Portfolio of Cloud Products. ADARA Direct Connections enables large Corporate Enterprises with presence outside of Public Clouds to interconnect Clouds at the Network, and Computing Level, enabling Single Pane of Glass Management of Containers, Virtual Machines, Applications and Services and Networks across Performance-Based Cloud Connections. ADARA Topology Visualization enables Enterprise wide visibility of Networks and Clouds with detail on a real-time basis with self-healing capabilities.

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